The Metro Experience with a Jingle

The Metro Experience with a Jingle This is part of a three or four part blog series. These posts will be interactive on my website ( . I am in the process of rebuilding my website so stayed tuned.

My name is Pablo Morales. I used to teach within Omaha Public Schools but now I teach in Sacramento, CA. I still teach French & Spanish to middle schoolers.

I have always been a fan of public transportation! Within the United States, commuting to work seems painfully dreadful. We are a nation dominated by cars and bad policies. Our public transportation infrastructure is not good for a very “developed” country. Our roads are suffering, and everything else in-between isn’t pleasant either. This isn't the case in South Korea. I'm only a week or so in since arriving in South Korea. I am absolutely M-I-N-D blown on what I am seeing and hearing.. My brain can't handle this!

Commuting in Seoul, Korea is not about trying to catch your bus or train, you are there for the experience of being in a station. You're probably wondering, "Pablo, Isn't the topic over public transportation….you know boring?" I say, "Absolutely Not!" I've been to multiple cities who don't even come close to the Korean experience of public transportation. My favorite part about using the Seoul Metro System is that you get to hear all the cute and relaxing rings and jingles offered at all metro stations and some bus stations.

Commuting is hard on the body when traveling far. It's hot and humid out, or you're just simply tired. Those little jingles give you a glimmer of hope that you are getting closer to your final destination. You stay motivated instead of only hearing the usual "This train is departing." or departing. It brightens the mood. My two favorite jingles or sounds are:

The Trumpet

A steelpan Link

Do you see what I mean? It definitely made me smile. Everyone seems so happy. I knew traveling within Seoul was going to be fun but who knew these little jingles are what make the experience of the metro in Seoul.

Here is a handpicked few of my favorite jingles. Not all are in circulation at the moment.